Jeff Katz Architecture is a service-oriented firm concerned with finding architectural solutions to our clients’ functional, human and economic needs.


We are Architects, artists, academics.  We are problem solvers, modelers, listeners.  We are community activists, athletes, mentors. We engage and respond.  We make your visions tangible.  We believe that architecture enhances quality of life, that efficiency is beautiful and team work is essential.

Jeff Katz Architecture is a group of experienced and well-qualified professionals eager to collaborate with you on your next project.  We are idea people, facilitators, and love a good challenge.  We understand that your priorities are paramount and it is our goal to exceed your expectations.  The end product is important, but we want you to enjoy the process too! Whether we are involved in an all-hands design charette with the entire project team or following up with you on the tiniest detail via text message, we are confident that you will find our team friendly, engaging, and knowledgeable.

We are a San Diego firm with experience ranging from Public Safety facilities to Military to Entertainment and Parks + Recreation.  We have experience with local jurisdictions and entities.  We pride ourselves on repeat clients, and encourage you to contact them directly to inquire about their experiences with Jeff Katz Architecture.

We are individuals striving towards the same common ground and ready to make your next design experience the best one so far.




We create. We collaborate, ask questions, and brainstorm with you.  We make the intangible tangible, innovate using technology, and help find the defining essence of each project. We help make interaction less intimidating and produce professional, lasting results.

Our design charette sessions include all of the interested parties and bring the team together in order to get everyone’s input.  We bring visions together with budget, resulting in practical, honest, and creative solutions. Architects, engineers, users, and clients have equal opportunity to voice their opinions, express their experiences, and weigh in with ideas so that a truly collaborative solution can be realized.  

Once the initial charette meetings have been held, we drill down in to specific disciplines: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Security, Sustainability to verify that we have looked at all of the options and possibilities to make this the absolute best product we can within existing constraints. We push the boundaries within reason to make sure that they are sound and make sense. Smaller, more focused groups take on specific tasks and develop details to ensure that solutions make sense for users, maintenance staff, and clients. During the design process, we frequently reconvene to keep all entities in the loop as far as solutions and budget are concerned.

We love to take on new challenges. Hospitality and Entertainment projects enable us to utilize our creative and imaginative minds, many times utilizing new shapes, new forms, and new materials. We have designed extensively at SeaWorld, San Diego, and continue to expand our knowledge as the park expands.  Military work is always challenging and rewarding. Creating spaces for the brave men and women of our country’s Armed Forces is an honor and a privilege. We enjoy the process of collaborating with NAVFAC, The Army Corps of Engineers, and the Air Force, and hope to continue to work with them in the unique Design Build process that we have been for the last 10 years.  Civic Projects are especially rewarding as they are buildings that serve the community as well as Fire Fighters, Sheriff and Deputies, and Police officers.  Jeff Katz Architecture has been producing beautiful, functional stations for the last 20 years in San Diego and the surrounding areas.  We are well versed in the requirements for these specialized types of Essential Service and First Responder Facilities and look forward to continuing these relationships.




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